Wakaf Revitalisation Scheme

Alias Villas

Wakaf Revitalisation Scheme

Alias Villas

Singapore’s first Islamic Endowment Development on a villa concept - Alias Villas - gained traction across the Islamic World, with many applauding the move as a possible solution to unlock the value of wakaf assets in the context of urban living.

Wakaf Al-Huda known as Alias Villas is Singapore’s oldest Islamic assets. It was declared a wakaf at 1905 for constructing a mosque. In the land indenture, it states that buildings be erected on the land and rents and profits thereof pay for any requirements that the mosque may need. The land was vested to a group of Trustees and a wooden surau was build to serve this purpose. The surau was then upgraded and today is known as Masjid Al-Huda.

Prestigious and Quality Heritage Development

Designed by award-winning Singapore based firm, Aamer Architects, Alias Villas takes pride in its prestigious location in the heart of Bukit Timah and proximity to nature. The design team at Aamer Architects, guided by Warees Investments, aimed to bring out the best in the development, ensuring that Alias Villas can relate itself to the heritage of the mosque and former Kampong Tempeh, a Malay village which used to be found within the vicinity of the mosque up till the 1980s.

Each prime villa is three storeys high, serviced by a private lift – the first of its kind for a wakaf in Singapore – with an additional basement which connects the unit to 2 personal car park lots. The units offer a private roof deck, jacuzzi and home automation system. A swimming pool, complete with lounging gazebos perfect for family gatherings, is located in the middle of the development and can be easily accessed by each unit.

We believe that Alias Villas is a reflection of the success of the Singapore Muslim community. What used to be a humble plot of land in the middle of the old Kampong Tempeh, is now a prestigious residential development in the heart of District 10, at the same time, continuing a century old legacy of contributing back towards the community through its endowment objectives.

Unlocking Value

In 2012, Warees Investments undertook an investment feasibility study with the aim of unlocking and enhancing the value of a land parcel under Wakaf Al-Huda. Upon careful analysis, Warees Investments saw the potential of generating a sustainable stream of annual income for the mosque by redeveloping the land parcel – thus fulfilling the original intent of the wakaf.

Wakaf Al-Huda then became the second project under the WRS, jointly developed by Wakaf Al-Huda and Warees Investments under a subsidiary, WHA Heritage Pte Ltd. For this development, Warees Investments adopted an innovative two phase approach to unlock the value of the land parcel and ensure proceeds from the land redevelopment of Wakaf Al-Huda would be used to refurbish the mosque. The first WRS project is The Red House in Katong which is currently undergoing construction.

Under Phase 1 of Wakaf Al-Huda’s development, Warees advanced the cost needed to fund the enhancement works at Al-Huda Mosque. It would in turn recoup back the initial outlay from the eventual nett proceeds from sales of the residential units (Alias Villas) in Phase 2. This unique arrangement allows the mosque to be financially sufficient without requiring it to undertake major fundraising campaigns. This enables donor monies to be channelled to other mosque upgrading projects, and minimises donor fatigue within the community.


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