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Today Warees is not only an endowment or wakaf portfolio management company, but we also manage community real estate. Our strength also lies in asset regeneration and enhancement through our Wakaf Revitalisation Scheme (WRS). Under this scheme, we unlock the potential value of our assets, for example innovating real estate investment as a product in the form of revitalising the famous Katong landmark – The Red House.

We have also initiated a new financing instrument 3I – the Institutional Investments Initiative – an asset creation and wakaf enhancement blueprint realising all WRS projects. Through our collective effort, we help to preserve community heritage, create wealth for institutions and at the same time sustain our assets for future generation.

Real Estate Portfolio Management

We combine our capabilities in real estate and finance to provide full scale portfolio management which covers the entire range of our services.

Heritage & Conservation Property Management

Our portfolio comprises a mix of heritage and conservation buildings. We have a deep know-how of how to manage and transform such properties.


What Can We Do For You

If you’re an asset owner in the community looking to create a wakaf legacy or seeking asset management services, we would be happy to meet up.