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As close partners to the Muslim community in Singapore, Warees manages the development, enhancement, upgrading, leasing and maintenance of Wakaf and Mosque assets in Singapore. Under our charge, the value of the assets under our management have grown from strength to strength over the years.

>$0.7B Assets under Management >150 Properties 85 Endowments 15 Mosque Projects Annually
Assets Under

Our Care

We act as an owner representative to Muis for Wakaf, Mosque, Madrasah and other institutional real estate projects by providing turnkey solutions including conducting feasibility studies, financial analysis, developing funding models, fronting community engagement initiatives, ensuring regulatory compliance and also accounting services.

With close ties to the community, we ensure that the Muslim community’s assets and heritage are preserved by reimagining space and real estate.


To safeguard community assets and to provide a sustainable source of funding for future needs, Warees implements a strategic Wakaf management framework comprising 4 pillars that shape the development of Wakaf properties in Singapore. These are:

Asset Revitalisation and Transformation through Full Scale Development

Asset Improvement through Maintenance and Upkeep Initiatives

Restoration and Preservation of Cultural and Heritage Assets

Recycling of Assets through Asset Migration


Case Study

Case Study

Alias Villas

Our signature asset revitalisation programme known as the Wakaf Revitalisation Scheme (WRS) has been developed to transform low yielding properties into high value, high yielding ones. Here is a case study of how we unlocked the value of wakaf land in District 10 through the development and lease sale of six prestigious semi-detached residential units (strata landed)
Alias Villas
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Apart from property development, we are also responsible for leasing more than 150 properties. If you are a business owner looking for a commercial or residential space, speak to us.