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Al-Islah Mosque

Al-Islah Mosque

Al-Islah Mosque is the second mosque built under Phase IV of Muis’ Mosque Building Programme. With its capacity for 4,000 congregants, Al-Islah Mosque serves the growing Muslim community in Punggol and the surrounding neighbourhoods, as well as ease the prayer space crunch on Fridays and Eid for Muslims in the eastern part of Singapore.

Blending in with the vision of Punggol 21 Plus as an eco-friendly town, the mosque architecture complements Punggol’s green built environment. The incorporation of water features symbolises Al-Islah Mosque’s locality in a seaside town.

In line with the Building Construction Authority (BCA)’s Green Mark and Universal Design benchmarks, Al-Islah Mosque’s design elements and features are environmentally-friendly. For example, it encourages passive cooling through the use of open spaces and greenery, whilst a low-maintenance façade facilitates natural lighting. These measures will assist the mosque in lowering its maintenance and utilities cost.

The name Al-Islah was chosen by then Mufti of Singapore Ustaz Dr Fatris Bakaram, referring to the notion of “reform” and “transform”. A concept embedded in the Islamic tradition, it relates to the idea of “improving, purifying, reconciling, repairing and reforming”, in line with Muis’ continued commitment to the Singapore Muslim Community for improvement and progress.

The word “islah” is also intrinsically related to the word “salih”, which refers to “to be sound, wholesome, right, proper and good” which forms the essence of Islam. A person who manifests the quality of “islah” is known as “muslih” as they spread goodness by reforming their communities for the better. This mosque therefore seeks to provide a wholesome and transformational experience to the congregants and the community, through its quality Islamic Learning programmes and family-oriented environment.


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