At Warees, values are meant to be lived. They permeate every interaction within our team, our stakeholders, and beneficiaries.


We are passionate and warm about delivering exceptional experiences with people and organisations.


We make careful business decisions which create results through collective responsibility and help stakeholders to invest their trust in us.


We prove reliability by delivering on promises as we serve the community across society with integrity and respect.


We constantly innovate and approach challenges with initiative and adaptability to lead the development in this niche industry, thus pushing ourselves to create sustainable benefits and add value to our beneficiaries and stakeholders.


We work tirelessly and strive to excel delivering tangible results that constantly benefit our clients and the community including future generations.

Social Responsibility

We are deeply aware of our responsibility to the community and the lives we touch in scaling up endowment real estate. More than just a part of our work, social responsibility is the heart of what we do.


Warees Promise is an active, ongoing belief system that continues to add value to all our actions and interactions. We strive to live up to the ideals and ideas of Warees, as we take the company and our community forward.

  • At Warees, social responsibility is our core business.
  • At Warees, we effectively utilise resources to create sustainable benefits.
  • At Warees, we enhance productivity and add value to assets.
  • At Warees, a relentless pursuit of quality and service drives us.
  • At Warees, innovation breeds excellence.
  • And at Warees, all this creates a difference to those that matter.

This is the Warees Promise.